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October 26, 2016 - sc_admin

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Regulators released the first batch of data since mandating that companies such as Tesla report on serious crashes involving their driver-assistance systems. Retweeted by ScribL

@PamBabcockTruth @b3dogs @LivPetzold @Eneles53 @kzungri @LCal60 @chellyc @Lexusgirl_11 @niquij I’m not on this acct much can you check on whether I honored this pledge? So sorry and tag me @LCal60

@AskCiti Something is def not right with your site. Might want your cyber team to look into it. I'm in the US.

It's well known remote working cultures are different from the cultures of office-based staff. But does that make them 'worse'? Matt Redler argues remote work could actually ‘save’ company culture. Retweeted by ScribL


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