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Tweets from @ScribnerPR

DUMPED AFTER 12 YEARS, OREO FACES DEATH TOMORROW. This is unspeakable. Loyal to the humans then they had a 3rd child and he went to the kill shelter. We MUST save Oreo: an Adopter/Foster or pledges via @chortletown to find a Rescue. ID #60738 PLEASE RT facebook.com/mldsavingnycdo… Retweeted by ScribL

BLAZE LOVES BATHS. WHY ARE WE KILLING HIM TOMORROW? He grew up with kids, dogs, puppies, cats, and loved them all. He needs our pledges via @chortletown to entice a Rescue or Adopter/Foster. ID #62669 Sharing = Saving so PLEASE RT BLAZE! facebook.com/mldsavingnycdo… Retweeted by ScribL

MERLE’S EXUBERANCE WAS TOO MUCH FOR HER HUMAN, SO SHE DIES TOMORROW. She’s the black dog in the video, loving life, ready to be trained and loved. Your pledges to find a Rescue via @chortletown are her only hope of surviving. ID #55242. PLEASE RT MERLE facebook.com/mldsavingnycdo… Retweeted by ScribL

Adoptable #Dog #Weezer_SDHSCA_02 enjoying the neighborhood sights, sounds, & smells! Out & about with WEEZER!! 👣🐾🐕 getpet.info/Weezer_SDHSCA_… Retweeted by ScribL

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